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NETWORKING AFTER PARTY March 28, 2021, 10:00 PM
Giusy Cannone, Robert Cringely, Larry Namer, Anina Net, Joanna Popper, Katherine Schildmeyer, David Chen, Amanda Cosco, Dr Justin Goldston, Irene R. Healey, Jonathan Joseph, Diane Pernet, Cat Schuller, Matteo Bardi, Gina Bibby, Iris Brosch, Alexander King Chen, Rick Davy, Céline Delaugère, Orietta Pelizzari, Rebecca Qiu & Pablo Starr
The Future of Factories and Manufacturing March 30, 2021, 01:00 AM
Anina Net CEO, 360Fashion Network
Beauty Queen: Beauty Reaches Out for Diversity & Inclusivity March 29, 2021, 04:00 PM
Larry Namer Founder, E! Entertainment TV
7 Key Technologies Transforming the Future of Fashion March 28, 2021, 04:00 PM
Amanda Cosco Founder, Electric Runway

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